Fine jewelry is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewelry and keep it in optimal condition, please follow the following care instructions:

  • Remove all jewelry when working out, cooking, cleaning, working with hands, showering, washing hands etc. Also, remove when going to bed and store in a safe place.
  • For necklaces, clasp necklace after removing to help keep from tangling.
  • Put lotion and perfume on and let dry before putting on jewelry. Clean regularly with cleaner or warm soapy water so dirt does not get trapped under prongs, be sure to clean underneath where most dirt gets trapped.
  • For engagement rings and bands, have prongs checked every six months to a year. You can do this at home by holding the ring to your ear and lightly tapping the side, if the prongs are loose, you will hear stones moving. If harder on your jewelry, check monthly.
  • We recommend not swimming with jewelry.
  • Extra care should be taken with jewelry containing gemstones (softer stones than diamonds).
  • Huggie care: Our handmade huggies are made with 14k gold. Be mindful that over time the post might shift with continuous wear, opening and closing. If you feel your huggies is loosening, you can tighten the clasp by gently shifting the post downward. To loosen the clasp, gently shift the post upward. The groove in the post will lock into place more or less, based on the adjustment. Movement should be subtle, LLJ is not liable for any overcorrection of the post.