We breathe new life into family heirlooms and pre-worn jewelry. The beauty of remakes: you can change as much or as little as you like, while still paying tribute to the original. With a brand new piece of jewelry in hand, it's totally unique to you and has a story of its own.


We specialize in creating complete transformations or supplementing heirloom or unworn jewelry with newly sourced gemstones.
The result is a more modern, upgraded, and wearable version of the existing design.

Step 1: Every Piece Has A Story

Please fill out our Remake Inquiry and tell us about your piece. Our team will be in contact within two business days to discuss the process and your design.

Step 2: Meeting Of The Minds

Let's talk about it: a consultation is held to discuss your vision, our jewerly design ideas, and a timeline. Once we agree on the budget, we get to work and the real fun begins.

Step 3: Time To Design

We use the best imaging technology to create a realistic 3-D rendering of your ring, and then work together to make tweaks and edits to your design. A nonrefundable $200 CAD design fee is credited towards your purchase.

Step 4: Make A Wax Mold

Upon request, we create a wax mold, which allows you to physically touch and feel your future ring. Live outside of Houston? No problem. We ship wax molds.

Step 5: Good As New

Your final piece is put into production, where it's cast, polished, and perfected, ready to receive compliments every day you wear it. 


Please take our Remake Inquiry and we'll be in touch within two business days.

Timing: Custom remake jewelry typically takes 6-8 weeks to create, but could take up to 12 depending on the level of intricacy. 



My favorite part of the process was working with LLJ, designing the new pieces from existing stones.  The final products reflect the integrity of sentiment, while producing stunning jewelry.  I continue to shop at LLJ and have bought beautiful pieces that complement the new designs.

~ Judy Farrell

I wanted to have a custom wedding band made using family diamonds and emeralds and Lindsey was my immediate source. Since I do not live in Houston, we communicated via phone and email. The CAD artwork is such a helpful addition to the building process because you are able to see exactly what your piece(s) will look like before moving forward with production.

~ Whitney Swanberg

We got a custom design and my ring could not be more perfect! They were able to stay within our budget and it was even better than I could have imagined. It made our decision even easier after learning about Lindsey's values and dedication to her customers and family .

~ Rhett & Ashley Payne