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Lindsey Leigh Hohlt Jewelry Houston Texas
Meet the Houston Diamond Girl


Being a female in a male-dominant industry, Lindsey Leigh Hohlt wanted to set a new standard for custom jewelry design. The industry was in desperate need of an experience that's comfortable and relaxed, but also very chic and elevated. Breaking free of outdated jewelry practices, Lindsey created something fresh, new, and modern.

So, in 2018, she launched Lindsey Leigh Jewelry (LLJ) in a duplex in Houston, TX, where both she and her husband lived and worked.



Since LLJ's humble beginnings, Lindsey has persevered through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, laid roots in Houston with a brand-new headquarters, grown a team of expert jewelers, and expanded her collection to incIude elegant, everyday jewelry. Clients who start out with a one-time engagement purchase continually come back for an LLJ-spin on statement pieces, special keepsakes to memorialize milestones, and one-of-a-kind, custom classics.

What set Lindsey up for entrepreneurial success: her background in fashion merchandising and business at LSU and her General Manager role at a local Houston jewelry boutique. Well, that, and a lot of grit and determination. While working at a previous employer, she put herself through Gemological Institute of America to receive her GIA certification.

Lindsey Leigh Jewelry Houston
Lindsey Leigh Jewelry Houston


Family is everything to Lindsey, including her husband John, son Henry, daughter Lilly, the LLJ team, and their little ones who are frequently seen running around the showroom.

Currently, she is a board member of She Has Hope, an organization dedicated to restoring a life of hope to vulnerable girls and women in Asia and Africa. As part of She Has Hope, Lindsey has participated in several mission trips to Nepal to teach women how to make jewelry. Lindsey is a frequent public speaker, loves to spend time with her family at the lake, and her work has been featured in Houston Chonicle, Houston Business Journal, and Texas Weddings.